How To Login Belkin Wireless Router after reset


If you are having Belkin Wireless Router then I must tell that you’r choice is good. Don’t worry this article suggest you simplest steps for Login Belkin Wireless  Router. Just follow the learn more button.

Note:- you need to reset your router if you are having the old router.

let’s start out on a positive note :-

  • Open any Web browser either in Computer or Phone Which Is connected to Belkin Router.
  • Type into the URL bar and hit enter button.
  • Once the page has loaded you will be at the Belkin router login screen. Asking For Username And Password For Belkin Router .
  • Default Login  Username = admin, Admin, or blank,  
  • Password = admin, password, or blank 
  • Click Login                                                                                                                                                         
  • It’s just as easy for anyone else to log in to your Belkin router at this point. Why not take a few seconds to set up a password. To set password, follow these instructions:
  1. On the left-hand side of the resulting page, you’ll see System Settings (under Utilities). Click on it.
  2. The page that comes up now should prompt you for an Administrator Password. Set one up as requested, jot it down somewhere safe so you’ll remember it later, click Save Settings, and breathe a little easier!

If you can’t log in to the Belkin Wireless Router  because an administrator password has already been set, then you’ll have to reset the Belkin router;  Here’s where you can learn how to reset a Belkin router.

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Router login issues

We square measure positive you have got followed the steps given higher than and you're already browsing through the router settings. However, typically the login fails for a few of the subsequent reasons, thus take it slow and bear this list.

  1. Check whether or not your computer, laptop, a Smartphone is connected to the house network.
  2. If the login window doesn’t show up, check whether or not you're using proper default IP
  3. If you have got checked and confirmed that it's your router IP, check whether or not you have got typewritten it properly.

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